Composting. I bet you get a not-so-appealing image in your head. Rotting food maybe. Yet, there are so many misconceptions about composting. In fact, most people do not even consider it because of the fear of attracting pests and insects. However, composting done right, made with purely organic food scraps, will always be pest-free. Living in an apartment complicates this even more. Having no space for a composting bin and the material necessary to correctly compost, it can seem quite impossible. Wrong again! Composting can be done anywhere, anytime.


This is where back2earth comes in:

back2earth (us đŸ˜ƒ), our non-profit located in Miami, is actively transforming the perceptions behind composting. We make it easy and convenient. We provide an organic waste collection service to the residents of South Miami, Coconut Grove and soon Key Biscayne. The service pretty much works like this:


  1. Residents sign up on our website to receive their back2earth branded bucket.
  2. Residents start collecting their food waste in this bucket.
  3. Each Saturday morning, residents are asked to place their bucket at their doorstep. Our team comes to pick it up, and in exchange, places a new clean bucket.
  4. And that’s it. We do the rest for you!


That’s composting in Miami that’s hassle-free, odor-free, but just as significant in fixing this issue in this world.


The back2earth bucket at the doorstep of one of our members.


What if I live outside the pickup service area?


We still have you covered, no worries. We offer drop-off stations in several parts of Miami. These stations work almost in the same way as our service; collect your food scraps in a container or our back2earth bucket. Then, at any day of the week, head over to one of our compost drop-off point (preferably one closest to you) and drop-off your food waste in the bin. Once again, we do the work for you but you can still make that beautiful positive impact. Making composting in Miami easy and accessible is our top priority.


Our Coconut Grove compost drop-off station.


Are we really making an impact?

There are no steps too small! Through community and individual support and the efforts of our waste collection operations, we have been able to collect over thousands of pounds of food waste. Contributions such as this help with the preservation of land, the cleanliness of the air, and the proliferation of our message to rest of the world! Every helping hand, donation, and message of support pushes us towards a cleaner and brighter future. back2earth allows everyone to make that difference because one can make that positive impact without extensive mobilization.

Furthermore, all of the waste we have collected has enabled us to save over 25,000 gallons of water, to produce around 3,250 pounds of compost, to prevent 130,500 pounds of CO2 to be emitted, and spread our message through 70 school presentations and events. These numbers depict the work that we have done and that all of our supporters and contributors have done. And they can only grow from here.