The Living Solution: the introduction



Following our multiple trials and research on the subject of compost tea, we have made a short video on the research. As time progresses and we research this subject further, several videos will be available on updates, so definitely tag along!


Transcript of mini-documentary:

Hi, my name is Emma Angeletti and I am one of the founders and the head of research at back2earth. The Living Solution is an ongoing research project managed by myself and the rest of the back2earth team. We are trying to determine the extent of the benefits of compost tea through many timed trials and different types of compost. Despite some research, there has been very little establishment of the requirements needed to make the optimal compost tea, so we decided to research this question in hopes of bettering the agricultural world and pushing for sustainable farming practices. With our trials, we are looking for the specific characteristics needed for the best compost tea. Our trials consist of compost teas that differ in brewing times and compost concentration. We are looking for a combination of these two factors that could increase microbe biodiversity the most, thus increasing plant yield. In terms of brewing times, we are testing compost teas at 1 hour brewing time, 4 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Each solution is then tested on bean seeds, that are placed on small plates surrounded by cotton balls. We watch these seeds for many days, record any growth, and look out for the experimental group with the seeds that germinate first. This indicates to us that the microbiology in that specific solution was the most abundant and promoted the most growth. In fact, according to our recent trials, we have seen that the 12-hour compost tea with the 50% compost concentration has spurred the most plant growth. These findings will be invaluable because compost tea is a natural alternative to chemical alternatives.